The Best Facebook Marketing Techniques You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Thirteen years after it was first launched, Facebook has now hit the 2 billion active monthly users mark.

This figure only goes to show that when it comes to following and clout, the social networking giant remains unparalleled.

While Facebook marketing seems pretty straightforward, nothing can be farther from the truth especially with unpredictable factors like Facebook algorithm changes.

That being said, social media marketers need to be savvier than ever if they want their Facebook advertising efforts to bring in the results they desire.

For starters, you need to make sure your Facebook channel is not only easy to find but it should also provide value and represent your brand the best possible way.

Below are other Facebook marketing techniques you can apply to ensure your Facebook advertising effort is a resounding success:

Make sure your page is complete.

While this may seem like a basic, you would be surprised to know the number of Facebook about sections that are left completely barren.

While it might seem like this is one aspect you can just forego, you need to keep in mind that completing your Facebook about page is crucial.

Not everyone may be aware of it but it pays to know that your business page on Facebook is often the first place visitors look for when they want to know more about your brand or business.

In addition, you also need to ensure all the information on your about page is correct including your contact information, social links, etc.

Increase the transparency of your page.

Social media channels like Facebook often offers a good opportunity for brands to connect with users who patronize their brand.

When you significantly increase the level of transparency of your posts, you are also strengthening the relationship you have with your audience.

For starters, your followers want to know more about you, your story, and the reason why you are in business.

Be transparent, give them an clear insight into your brand and you will be rewarded accordingly.

Use Facebook Ads to promote your page.

Facebook’s current advertising tools have definitely come a long way.

Nowadays, you can have your Facebook page visible in front of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer with just a few dollars.

With Facebook, you can effortlessly promote your Facebook page and reach prospects way quicker.

Take advantage of custom Facebook tabs.

Are you aware that you can create bespoke landing pages on your Facebook page?

A custom tab on Facebook allows you to create custom landing pages for the said objective.

This amazing feature give you endless opportunities.

It can help you more email list subscribers, lead people to a free trial, or run a Facebook contest, among many things.

It allows you to try out diverse media types.

If your content has hit a rut and does not generate the level of engagement you are looking for, it might not be because of the content but the format you are using.

Fortunately, one of the things that makes Facebook a very dynamic platform is the number of media formats it can support.

To date, video can support audios, texts, videos and soon, VR.

If you feel like the article you are using is not getting the engagement you want, you can always try other formats like audios and videos.

A 2,000-word article might be a little too much for most people so you can always experiment with other formats like video to see if your target audience will engage with it more.


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