Late Center English (denoting an announcement calling consideration to one thing): from Outdated French advertissement, from the verb advertir (see advertise). The inscription may also be aware that an advertisement produced from the approved submission might provoke a client criticism beneath the Code, and that if such complaint is upheld by Council, the advertiser will likely be requested by ASC to withdraw the commercial or amend it to adjust to the Code.

Identification – Advertisements needs to be clearly distinguishable as such, no matter their form and whatever the medium used; when an advertisement seems in a medium which comprises information or editorial matter, it must be presented in order that it’s readily recognised as an advertisement.

The context and content of the advertisement and the audience truly, or more likely to be, or meant to be, reached by the advertisement, and the medium/media used to ship the advertisement, are related elements in assessing its conformity with the Code.

The rich philistinism emanating from advertisements is due not to their exaggerating (or inventing) the glory of this or that serviceable article but to suggesting that the acme of human happiness is purchasable and that its buy by some means ennobles the purchaser.

If an advertiser fails to reply in a well timed manner to ASC’s request for a copy of the advertisement that is the topic of a client complaint, ASC might ask the carrying media to assist ASC by providing it with a copy of the advertisement in question.

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