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How to Choose an Electrician When having any sort of work done in our home, we always have to make sure we get high quality work at the right cost. Picking a tradesman can be hard if you do not know what to look for exactly. The following are the top 5 things to look into for when hiring an electrician. Licensing and Insurance The most basic factor when picking an electrician is whether or not they are licensed. A license serves as your guarantee that the contractor has completed the needed courses and practical work to do the job in a safe and correct manner. Always ask to look at their license, ensuring that it is current, and run an online check when possible.
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It is a wise to obtain 3 quotes at least. Make sure you tell them exactly what work you need and the exact fittings and materials you would like to use. The electrician’s quote should include a price breakdown to make it easier for you to compare quotes from different contractors. Selecting an electrical contractor on price alone, however, is not bright as there are plenty of other important points you should consider. Qualifications and Professional Experience Hiring a Master Electrician, you get the highest workmanship and electrical safety standard. With the increasing cost of electricity, energy efficiency is likely of interest. There are many organizations that accredit service providers in the field of energy efficiency. An electrician who possesses this type of accreditation has thorough knowledge about energy-saving products and technology. Personal Recommendations A personal referral from somebody whose opinion you trust can be precious as you choose any type of tradesman or service. Knowing that they have had a good experience with an electrician and were happy with the performance and workmanship of the same, is a good endorsement. If you cannot obtain a recommendation, ask the electrician for client references. Call and speak to the references and ensure they are legit. Behavior and Communication No one enjoys hiring with a tradesman with a bad attitude or does sloppy work. Did they arrive for the quote in time? If not, did they call to say they couldn’t make it on time? You must be confident that you understand each other well enough so that miscommunication can be avoided. Extra points to consider: Is their offer competitive and reasonable? If your job calls for specialization, do they have the experience required? Has someone recommended them to you or can they provide client references? Keep the above points in mind before choosing an electrician. Check online for a list of local electricians. It is always best to go local. It’s easier to check their background and to get in touch with them too for future issues.

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